Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Blade & Soul G-Star 2010 Trailer + Playable Demo

I have been trauling the internet/YouTube for the past few days to try and find any videos of the playable demo of Blade and Soul, seeing as G-Star expo was on Sunday, and finally I found some:

First up is a nice new Trailer which unveils a new 'Assassin' class, and shows some awesome footage of characters gliding through the air among other awesome things:

Next up is a long video that shows off the 'Blade Master' and the 'Kung-Fu Master' in solo play:

And finally is a short video that shows group play in a dungeon, and it includes a boss fight at the end:

*Edit: Just added the official G-Star 2010 Blade and Soul Trailer, and another gameplay video that features group play. Thanks to Blade & Soul Dojo for these!

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