Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Ubisoft Toronto Aims for "Five Triple-As"

I read this article back in August, but seeing as one of my marking criteria is to discuss industry related articles I thought I'd talk about it because I found this article particularly interesting. This could also prove to be a potential employment possibility; that is of course if I am willing to leave everything behind and go to work in another country, but it's food for thought.


In an interview with Develop, Jade Raymond (Ubisoft Toronto's Studio's Managing Director) discusses her ambitions to build five triple-A projects at the new Toronto based Ubisoft studio.

She goes on to say "We want to grow to 800 staff in ten years, we're on two major projects now, and eventually we'll be working on five". Raymond previously revealed that the studio's focus is on building triple-A projects, and nothing else. She explained that this strategy would naturally tempt developers to join the studio.

Raymond also says "If developers have ambitions to make triple-A projects, and want to have their place in what is a thriving start-up, then Ubisoft Toronto is the place for them.", which makes the studio seem that much more accessible than some of the others out there. That doesn't mean to say that because they are starting up they will just take on anyone, however given their stance and the way in which they want to help developers kick-start their careers, then perhaps there would be an opening for someone in my position. I remember another Ubisoft Toronto related article, which I can't seem to find right now, that I read around the same time that mentioned how a lot of the Montreal team has relocated to Toronto, and the plan was to use their expertise to help train up new recruits, in the hope that those new recruits would then train the next 'generation', and so on, to help the studio grow to its full potential over the next ten years.

Now obviously I'd be incredibly lucky if I could land my first job in the games industry in such a mammoth company, and I am completely aware that from a realistic point of view, it is much more likely that I'd start working for a small company, and then work my way up gradually, but after reading this article, I figured it's still worth thinking about.

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