Thursday, 23 December 2010

My Website is Live!

This post is a little late, given that I completed my site back at the beginning of December, but I only recently got round to actually posting about it, so apologies on my part. However that aside, my website is now officially up, and can be found at (or for the coursework version of my site).

You may notice, if you read my website development post, that the final site looks slightly different to that of the template I chose; that is because once I had completed the whole site, I showed it to a few people and they all seemed to agree that the 'paint splat' that appeared behind the main window looked a bit "tacky" or "unprofessional", so I opted for a much cleaner, sleeker looking option that still featured the colour changing background for different sections, but instead it was done using blocks of colour to create a 'barcode' effect of sorts.

Now that my site is up, I will continue to update it as and when I complete more projects so as to build up my portfolio. In the meantime, at least I can contact companies from now on confident that when they ask to see my portfolio, I will at least have something to show them that I am proud of.


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