Monday, 11 October 2010

Eurogamer Expo

Right, I have put this off long enough, so here we go, my post detailing what I got up to at Eurogamer Expo.

Eurogamer Expo, for those of you that don't know, is the UK's biggest dedicated video games event. It is a means for the public to play some of the most anticipated games, hear from some of the world's most talented developers and get involved with the industry via the Career Fair. So I went along on Friday 1st October as a member of the public, but returned on the 3rd October as a volunteer, and it is that which I am going to be talking about.

See shortly after volunteering to help out at the expo, I received an email from the organiser asking whether anyone was interested in working alongside Bethesda and the Splash Damage guys to help them demonstrate their game 'Brink', and seeing as this is a game that I have been looking forward to ever since seeing the live stage demo at least years Eurogamer Expo, I jumped at the opportunity. So there we have it, not only was I going to be spending Sunday helping demonstrate a game I actually like, but I'd also be doing so alongside the developers of the game, meaning this was the perfect opportunity to start networking!


My job throughout the day was simple, I was tasked with helping people out if they looked confused or stuck while playing the game, telling people what they should be doing in order to complete the specified objectives, resetting the game back to the character customisation menu after a person had finished playing the demo and finally monitoring the queue to ensure no sneaky pirates try and jump the line. Each demo run lasted about 20-30 minutes, meaning once people had been shown to their seats, and they knew what they were doing, I had plenty of time to talk to the Splash Damage guys (the developers of the game).


Throughout the course of the day, my friend (who is also on my course, and thus in the same boat as me) and I spoke to most of the staff, and asked them various different questions ranging from employment possibilities, life in the industry and what they'd be looking for from potential employees, and they were more than happy to answer our questions; they were a great bunch of people actually, really friendly and 'down to earth'. So at the end of the day, I gave out my business cards to a few of the guys, and got theirs in return, so this way, I have a means of getting in contact with them regarding potential employment. In fact, my friend and I are currently in the process of updating our CVs, sorting out our covering letters and whatnot so that we can both apply to them quite soon.


So, that is the end of my report on Eurogamer Expo, meaning I am done for this week; next weeks post will probably relate to my sending off of my application, and perhaps other companies that I have looked at. I shall see what the week holds.

Just before I go, I thought I'd share Brink's cinematic trailer from GDC 2010 because it's just awesome! (Despite the fact that my tutors are probably the only people reading this, so I'm not exactly sharing the video with the world, but I'll do it anyway!)

If you don't know about the game already, then check out the official site for more information!

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