Monday, 25 October 2010

Guild Wars 2: Amazing New Concept Art

A few days ago, at the New York Comic Con, ArenaNet released a slideshow that showcased some of the latest concept art for Guild Wars 2. Among these amazing images were a few that stood out, my particular favourite is the image below. The guys at ArenaNet said that each dungeon in the game will have its own unique armour set, so I can only assume that the image below is one of those dungeon sets, but don't hold me to that, I am merely speculating. But one thing I do know for sure, is if this makes it into the final game, I definitely want this set!


And here is another awesome piece of art; think I might make this one my phone wallpaper >:]


This is the full slideshow that was shown at Comic Con:

Oh also, given that this is a Guild Wars post it is still relevant, I got my 10th point on the Guild Wars Hall of Monument calculator, which means I get the Fiery Dragon Sword I was after! Managed to do so by getting 20 miniatures in my HoM, and adding M.O.X. to my statues to give me 3 much needed points.

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