Monday, 18 October 2010

Self Promotion 01

Ok, so I have been getting a bit caught up in this whole blogging thing, and before I run the risk of veering too far off course, I had better do a university related post, just to show that this is still work related, and not just an excuse for me to talk about what I love.

Anyway, given that the first few weeks are all about preparation, and getting myself ready to send stuff off to the industry, there isn't much I can post about other than exactly that, my preparation. But I am actually going to gear this post more specifically towards my name, logo and business cards.

Although I did these designs in the summer holiday, they are still very much related to what I am doing right now, so just because I was ahead of the game, doesn't mean I shouldn't get credit for my work, right?

Anyway, I decided to create my logo based around my Gamertag/PSN ID, which is 'Arekkz'. In fact, I use Arekkz on/in everything; I have it on my shoes (only on my custom Nike ID shoes), in any game I play that enables you to name your character, on forums, or websites such as Twitter,, etc. Basically, anywhere you see Arekkz, you can be sure it's related to me. So I set about creating a logo based around my name.


As you can see from some of the ideas above, I went through a few variations (there were many more than the ones you see above, but I decided to just show the final few) before I actually came to something I liked; and more importantly, something I'd be happy to show others.


So with the logo designed, I set about constructing my business card. I knew that I wanted to keep it simple and clean (hah, 'Simple and Clean', that's an Utada Hikaru song! XD), and I knew the colours I wanted to use. So with all that in my head, it wasn't too hard to put the pieces together and create something that not only looked professional, but stood out at the same time.


So with the card designed, I sent them to Vista Print, and had 250 cards made on their best quality card. They were even nice enough to send me a free card holder! So now that I have enough business cards to last me quite a while, I have no excuse not to network. I always carry 10 cards in my wallet, after all you never know where you will meet people. In fact, I already gave out 5 cards when I went to Eurogamer Expo a few weeks back, so that's something that can go towards my 'self promotion' on this module.

Anyway, that's about it for this post, but if I have time tomorrow, I might do that post on Castlevania, Final Fantasy XIV and Naruto that I said I would. But that's only if I get all my work done first, because tomorrow looks to be a busy day.

But until then, take it easy~


  1. liking the designs Arekkz wana produce me a kool slik design like urs and TwoSixNines? =P

  2. Ah cheers man, and yeah sure! And I can put them all on my portfolio under 'graphic design' XP. JT wants me to make him one as well. Got any idea what you want your logo to be? Or do you want me to design you one as well? :]

  3. personally i aint got a idea in mind but if you could ill lyk a design for Hc productions really and i can small print my name to it , if you can do that ill love u long tym xD

  4. Haha, no worries man, I can make you a logo. I was just asking cos if you had a logo you wanted me to make, I could make that, but otherwise I'll just draft up some ideas.

    I'll talk to you about it on Wednesday, and get an idea of what you want, then I'll get to work >:]