Sunday, 17 October 2010

G-Star 2010

It's just a quick post from me today, because I had work today, and as a result I have Uni. work that I need to do this evening.

But I just thought I'd bring up G-Star 2010 (November 18th), or more specifically NCsoft and what they have to show at G-Star this year. There are two MMO's that I am currently anticipating, both of which I have been waiting for for a very long time, the first being Guild Wars 2, but I'm sure you gathered that from my last post, and the other being Blade and Soul.



Blade and Soul looks amazing from what they have shown so far, but they have yet to show any solid chunks of gameplay, only glimpses here and there, however this year, at G-Star, they are bringing with them a playable demo of Blade and Soul!! Which means quite soon we will be able to get a real look at just what this game is made of; here's hoping it doesn't disappoint (but it's NCsoft, and they are awesome, so I'm sure it will be amazing). Here is the video they showed at last years G-Star 2009:

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